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Frequently Asked Quentions

What is the turn around time for CUSTOM ORDERS?
Samples of custom orders are scheduled according to our design calendar.  The standard turn around time for custom orders may take 3 to 7 business days, depending on design demands. A tentative delivery date will be provided for you once an order is submitted, with the understanding that the deposit will be paid within the same business day.

Please be advised...

The delivery date may be adjusted once the deposit is made after 24 hours, 
based on the design calendar.


What is the turn around time for REVISIONS?
Revisions may take up to 2 business days for Verbiage changes,
and up to 3 business days for image or layout changes.


Can I get items PRINTED / REPRINTED through ClayHouse with a pre-created design?
YES!  You don't have to have a ClayHouse Design to use our printing services.


How do I receive my printing items?
You can have them shipped to you for an additional cost,
or you can pick them up for NO additional cost at our distribution center 
​in Torrance with the Order Number provided.

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