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Since the conception of ClayHouse Branding Firm, Ophelia J. Harper has been fully aware of the building of a brand through cutting edge marketing, an unconventional approach, and the ultimate goal of development on various platforms.  She has worked with clients in Fashion, Film, Beauty, Music, Business and everything in between.  With her leadership, the ClayHouse Production Team has provided support to her patrons through photography, graphic deisgn, PR prep, Merchandise Development, Marketing Strategies, and so much more.  In her former life, Harper has taken the stage as a vocalist with legends like, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Jamie Foxx, Deitrick Haddon, and Kim Burrell, just to name a few.  Harper has also been featured in a national commercial, brought characters to life through stage plays and films, and is a certified fashion designer, who has designed for television and celebrities. Harper's marketing and cultural experience crosses global lines as she gleans from her overseas travels to places like Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the Carribeans and Venezuela.  As a creative chameleon, her experience brings a deeper insight to any marketing approach and strategic plan.  Her "conversations" will leave you inspired, equipped and motivated to pursue your vision.  She believes in empowering others to live their dreams and fulfill their purpose.  ​With her upcoming speaking engagements and in-house branding dinner party workshops, she look forward to meeting new faces and igniting the passion that they need to succeed.  Harper is ready to connect with you, book her for your conference, workshops, and inspirational events today. 







Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for inquiring about booking Ophelia J. Harper for your next event.  You will find the terms and requirements to secure her for your next speaking engagement.


The honorarium is based upon the combination of the task, distance, travel arrangements, and length of time.  To secure booking, 50% of the agreed amount will be paid via PayPal or Money Order (No Checks or Cash are accepted), before using Ophelia's name or likeness in connection to the said event.  The final payment must be made no later than the day of prior to Ophelia J. Harper speaking at the said engagement (PayPal Preferred, Money Order or Cash Accepted).  A receipt will be issued after every payment.

If the deposit is paid and the event is cancelled within 3 days of the said event date, Ophelia J. Harper will refund the deposit within 7 business days.  If the event is rescheduled, the deposit will still apply if new date is available for Ophelia J. Harper.

Ophelia is requesting all access passes, tickets and accommodations for herself and 2 assistants for local events; or all access passes, tickets, and accommodations for herself and 1 assistant for out of town events.



Distance : 4+ hours away
Two (2) Coach Roundtrip Arline Tickets.  Direct flights are preferred, but a lay over of 2 hours or less is acceptable.

Provided transportation to/from airport and venue requires the driver's name and contact number. If Ubering is expected, a pre-calculation of the ride, to/ from airport and/or venue, will be provided for you, and must be added to the said deposit to insure ground transportation upon arrival.


Up to 3 hours away
Car Rental Compensation for a small compact car at maximum of $35/day. Gas Compensation for Round Trip Travel. 

Ophelia will be responsible for the car insurance coverage fees and gas during the stay of the booking. 



*Required for engagements at a distance of 100 miles or more

One (1) Hotel Suite  w/2 Beds at a *Preferred Property
A major credit card is to be placed on file at the front desk to cover all hotel holds prior to hotel check in.  Room service will not be ordered by Ophelia or her assistant.

*Preferred properties include: Renaissance Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Holiday Inn, Residence Inn, Best Western, and La Quinta Inn.

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